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Terms & Conditions

14th September 2020

Terms and Conditions 

Any pet portrait session booked with Buckskin Fine Art Photography (“Photographer” refers to Buckskin Fine Art Photography.) are subject to the following terms:


A contract must be signed and exchanged after you have booked your pet portrait session the the photographer. This Agreement describes the terms and conditions in full detail applicable to the services available by Buckskin Fine Art Photography. 

In short,

This Agreement constitutes a full and complete agreement between the parties. There are no oral or other agreements that supplement, modify, or supersede this Agreement.


1. The Reservation Retainer is due when securing a session date. The fee is a non-re- fundable retainer payable to secure services with the Photographer. 

2. Payment is required immediately following the end of the session. 

4. Sessions may be rescheduled due to sickness, or when the Photographer feels that there are inadequate weather conditions. If you need to reschedule, please give the Photographer as much notice as possible.

The Session:

Throughout a pet portrait session the owner of the animal(s) is responsible for the behaviour and actions of their pets/animals and The Photographer will not be responsible for any injury to the animal, owner or third party during the photography session.

The welfare of the animals in the pet portrait session remains the highest concern.  The session may be suspended or cancelled, should the animals show signs of unease, discomfort or other adverse physical or emotional condition. The Photographer reserves the right to terminate the session immediately.


The Copyright of all images taken remains the sole property of The Photographer. The owner of the animals or any person appearing in these pictures acknowledges that they have no rights to the images. The client shall not use the Images for profit, reproduce, alter, competition or any other commercial purpose. 

The Photographer undertakes that any images which include children under the age of 18 will not be used for any other purpose than display on the private gallery associated with the photography session without the permission of the child’s parent or guardian.