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How it Works?

14th September 2020
HOW IT WORKS  STEP: 1- BOOK YOUR SESSION HOW DO I BOOK? So glad you asked! If you have decided to go ahead and book your pet portrait experience – great! All you need to do is contact us by heading over to our Contact Page. Or if you prefer to book with me directly via phone or ... read more

Payment Options

14th September 2020
HOW DO I PAY FOR A PET PORTRAIT SESSION? There are several options to choose from. Payment by credit or debit card, or by direct bank transfer. Payment is required immediately following the end of the session. Images will be released once final edits have been made and payments have cleared process ... read more

Location & Time

14th September 2020
WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? DO YOU TRAVEL? WHAT TIME IS BEST FOR A PET PORTRAIT SESSION? I am based in Inverell, Rural North West NSW. Travelling throughout, Regional New England, Australia. Travel fees will be discussed with you prior to booking. Flat rate travel fees occur if my round trip will b ... read more

Prepare for an Equine Shoot

14th September 2020
WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PREPARE? EQUINE HOW DO I PREPARE MY HORSE FOR A HORSE & RIDER PORTRAIT SESSION?  Manes and tails can be left loose, clean, brushed and tidy. With some horses, though braiding can look better. Personal preference of your choice to match the style of your session an ... read more

Prepare for a Canine Shoot

14th September 2020
WHAT SHOULD I DO TO PREPARE? CANINE  HOW SHOULD I PREPARE MY DOG FOR A PORTRAIT SESSION? Your dog should be squeaky clean with a fresh grooming. A dark solid collar will help keep the attention on your beautiful dog. A dark leash, will be edited out, is much appreciated.  WHAT IF ... read more