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About Me

My name is Paige and I’m so excited you are here!

I am the creative innovator behind Buckskin Fine Art Photography. I specialise in creating authentic emotionally driven artistic creations for equine lovers, like myself.

Photography came to me at a time when I needed it the most, it was like, walking right into what I was created to do. Combining Equine and Portraiture, it fit me, my personality, my strength. It had me constantly thinking, changing, growing. I went after it full steam, no questions asked, not a sherd of doubt.

I am completely self-taught, natural light photographer. My passion for photography is, in capturing beautiful moments as they take place. Which led me to study & learn the technical aspects, so that I have the tools to create & share a memory that will last a lifetime.

I am an Equine Photographer based in Inverell, Rural North West NSW. Travelling throughout, Regional New England, Australia. Owning my own business has been challenging in all the best ways! I love what I do, and am so thankful for the opportunity to do it. I feel very fortunate to have found my dream job and passion in life.

When I’m not behind the camera you can most likely guarantee I’m, somewhere in the chaos of running a house with two very spirited young children. Ella & Riley (5 & 3) Between the meltdowns and tantrums. Most days are fuelled by coffee and being able to create keeps me sane during multi-tasking and commitment of bringing up my children. 

Our home is filled with so much love, above all else. I am inspired by them everyday. Buckskin Fine Art Photography allows me to have the opportunity to share my creativity with others. There is always a story to be told and being able to capture those emotions is what brings the story to life. Your experience is one of a kind and completely tailored to you!